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Clubs & Forums

The Enjoy English Club

The Enjoy English Club’s aims to promote the use of English and to provide pupils with opportunities to use English purposefully. Its activities are pupil-centered and often involve pupils participation in extend competitions and authentic. The Enjoy English Club is a place for students to use English in a fun environment; the students will have opportunity to practice many different skills based on real situations.

Enjoy English Club

Faculty Convener
  • Roopashree U
Student Conveners
  • 1. Hemanth Kumar S
  • 2. Preethi M C
Green Machine – Eco Club "Let Us Keep the Environment Clean and Green"

Eco Club 'Green machine' serves as a platform for the students to share their opinions, thoughts and suggestions regarding Environmental issues. The club has been engaged in conducting several different and interesting activities to create awareness about the preservation and conservation of natural resources. The sole concern of the club is to prevent environmental degradation and to develop an attitude of being Eco friendly to lead a healthy, safe and happy life. In this regard the club has successfully conducted more than 20 programmers till now.

Releasing of the Hasiru magazine, Celebration of the World Environment Day by distrubuting 101 herbal plants, mega eco meet SANCHALANA which included the participation of eminent speakers, honouring of Vrukshamaate Saalu Marada Thimmakka, a rally on the uses of using colourless Ganesha idols have been some of the major programmes conducted by the eco club so far.

The club also conducts various workshops and seminars to enliven the spirit of eco concern in the students.

Let the Environmental Concern Originate here is the word of Green Machine.

In addition to this Eco-Club conducts creative collage on eco topics & innovative slogan competition, video clipping. Practical demonstration on solid waste mgt. and garbage segregation is conducted by E-cure & NGO. Public Survey regarding garbage segregation and recycle mgt is done by 1st year students where the report is submitted to BBMP along with the grievances and suggested remedies.

Since the Eco-Club green machine showcases a wide range of activities every year, it conducted Eco-jagrathi Exhibition, Eco- Ganapathi in association with Karnataka Pollution Control Board to deliver a message about using unpainted clay Ganesha for Ganesha Festival, Hasirumela an exhibition cum sale of organic & eco friendly products such as organic food, khadi product, herbal care etc., in the year 2012-13.

Eco Club

Faculty Convener
  • Shivakumar C S
Student Conveners
  • 1. Vaishnavi Yadav
  • 2. Ramkamal
ComMent Forum


To Create an Academic Par Excellence in the Field of Commerce & Management and Make a Powerful and Positive Impact on Academic and In Business World.


To Enable Students to Take Responsibility of Creating a More Egalitarian, Democratic &Civil Society through Their Heightened Academic, Cultural, Human Sensitivities and Industrial Practices.


  • To bridge the gap between Industry and Academia interference.
  • To give practical exposure to students.

SABS cater the needs of students and mould them for holistic development. Commerce and Management is a part and parcel of the economy where commerce is the lifeblood of the economy and management is the heart which manages its activities.

Consequently, a forum dedicated exclusively for Commerce and Management is the most essential thing in any Educational Institution. The forum focuses the needs of the students with respect to Commerce and Management, by providing various opportunities to the students in a direction to enhance their knowledge through different activities.

The forum not only enhances knowledge but also provides the platform to apply that knowledge along with Managerial skills. The forum ignites the spirit of competition among students by conducting various competitions which also develop the ability and strengthens each student. The COMMENT forum emphases on career building also.

The COMMENT forum has constantly stood at the maximum level to support the students. Undoubtedly that every student who joins the forum flies out with significant knowledge and Confidence.

ComMent Forum

Faculty Convener
  • Dr. Chethana M R
Student Conveners
  • 1. Jagadeesh Raj V
  • 2. Heena
  • 3. Bharath
Tech Savvy

The Tech Savvy Forum of BCA Department plays a major role in making students more knowledgeable in technical aspects. The Forum works with a vision of servicing as a valuable resource for industry and society. The mission of the forum is to create an ambience with new ideas for leaders and innovators of tomorrow. The forum constantly organizes National Seminars, guest lectures, intercollegiate hands on workshops, science exhibition in order to bring the hidden talents among the students and to enhance their practical and applied skills.

Tech Saavy Forum

Faculty Convener
  • Reshma B
Student Conveners
  • 1. Chethan C
  • 2. Sushma A.P
Cultural Forum

Srusthi - Creation of Talents


To foster a vibrant community of students who are committed in upholding the Nation’s Cultural flavour and thereby promoting the Historical, Ethnic, and Intellectual traditions in the college.


To foster a vibrant community of students who are committed in upholding the Nation’s Cultural flavour and thereby promoting the Historical, Ethnic, and Intellectual traditions in the college.


  • To foster a more accessible and culturally affirming campus environment through community building, intercultural exchange and social justice education
  • To provide an promising space for students at SABS to develop solidarity, to find support and to build and express pride in their social identities
  • To empower students work on their talents and bring them to lime light and give them enough exposure
  • Tailoring the skills of students and supporting them to develop a better affinity with their talents
  • To engage students in various extra curriculum activities and motivate them to indulge themselves in the same
  • The Cultural Committee – Srushti of SABS aims to contribute in developing the artistic talents of the students by giving opportunities to exhibit their talents in the form of intra and inter college cultural festivals. It also provides a platform for students to go beyond their academic quest and explore their creative and artistic sensibilities. It uplifts the hidden talent of the students and enhances the flavour to the college by organizing various intra and inter college cultural meet. The committee aims to screen the talents of the students and allow them to participate in competitions.

Cultural Committee

Faculty Convener
  • Manjunatha G
Student Conveners
  • 1. Jagadeesh Raj V
  • 2. Vidhya D
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